Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Addiction to Angry Birds

angry, angry birds, angry birds online, birds

angry, angry birds, angry birds online, birds

Have you ever played one of the most addictive, outrageous, and entertaining game at the moment? Right now I'm very addicted Angry Birds! Most of the kids and kids at heart today, including myself are entertained to these cute little birds that want to hit those cruel green pigs. I just don't get it why the author made the pigs green I wonder why hmm? Anyway, did you know how Angry Birds came to be? It is an idea from Rovio, the company that provided the top most downloaded game not only as a mobile application, but also in PCs today.

Rovio formulate an extremely simple idea from a little team, and operated with it. They began developing this game on March 2009 and right now the fanbase playing Angry Birds has hit more than a combined 100 million hours every day. Rovio hit the jackpot here, they were only looking for a simple and easy game that can be played on touch screen mobile phones that will also be accessible with other gaming platforms.

The game is very easy to learn and pick up but it become more challenging as you go further. A lot of people who are playing this game end up very frustrated if they got stuck in a difficult level. If you can score three stars for every level, you are very good since it is very hard to do, as well as finding all the golden eggs. You need to strike the buildings appropriately and also strike those evil green pigs!

The angry birds characters have different arsenal in the game. At the start of the game you will have a Red Angry Bird, and as you advance through the game, additional kinds of angry birds become available. The Blue bird has the ability to separate into three birds, while the Black bird explodes in midair. The Yellow bird can speed up and the White bird can drop egg that explodes. The same goes with those green pigs, since they also vary from various sizes. Some also wear helmets and crowns.

Enjoy the GAME!

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