Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fair Use Policy of Smart, Globe, and Talk 'n Text Unlimited Call & Text Services

Wonder why your load disappear all of a sudden even though you just bought a load for your prepaid cellphone and apply for unlimited service? It is because of the unfair policy by Smart and Talk 'n Text, it is known as the Fair Use Policy. You may heard it from internet providers which cut your service once you reach a number of bandwidth. The same goes with prepaid cellphone providers unlimited service. Why call it unlimited when it is really limited by their fair use policy.

Here is Smart's Fair Use Policy from their website:

"As part of its continuing commitment to provide high-quality service to our subscribers, Smart is putting forth the Fair Use Policy for its Unlimited Call & Text Services.

This ensures that commercially available unlimited voice & SMS products are used properly to preserve the integrity of the Smart network to be able to deliver the best service to ALL our subscribers.

In your purchase of Smart’s unlimited products and services, you agree to our conditions on Fair Use and agree to be bound by the policy."

Conditions of the Fair Use Policy

Smart’s Fair Use Policy promotes pleasant use of call and text and aims to avoid the following:
  •     Activities that may cause network congestion and those that can adversely impact the overall quality of service experienced by our subscribers
  •     Any unlawful, invasive or fraudulent purposes that violate the legal rights of our subscribers
  •     Any manner which affects the Company’s ability to provide and maintain the quality of its network and services
  •     Any means aimed towards exploitation of mobile usage that may cause any loss or damage to Smart

 Ensuring Fair Usage For All

 Smart reserves the right to disallow, suspend or terminate service of customers whose improper or abusive use of unlimited call & text services may jeopardize our ability to deliver the best customer experience to our subscribers. Smart also reserves the right to modify the FAIR USE POLICY without prior notice in order to maintain the integrity of Smart’s network services.

Here is Globes Fair Use Policy:

Globe shall implement policies to ensure that all subscribers get to equally share an enjoyable call and text experience. This policy is designed to protect those who might be affected by the few subscribers who use the unlimited promos for activities other than its intended use. Acceptable Terms on Fair Use applies:

a. to sending of spam or unsolicited bulk messages like political and promotional advertisements, financial loans or recruitments
b. to sending of fraudulent messages or bogus promotional offers
c. if your usage of unlimited calls /unlimited texts /unlimited calls and unlimited texts is unreasonably high

Your usage of an unlimited promo is excessive or unreasonable as defined below:

a. It is unreasonable/excessive if your usage adversely affects the Globe network and another Globe subscriber's use or access to Globe services.
b. Excessive use means calls or text usage per day is significantly higher than one's normal usage.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Latest Apple iOS updates for iPhone and iPad

Apple, one of the major player in producing and designing innovative electronic goods has released a major update for their operating system iOS 7. It was released on Monday, March 10, 2014. The latest update is designed to fix bugs, improves reliability of the fingerprint sensor for iPhone 5S, gives upgrade to Siri, update n Tunes Radio, support for Apple's CarPlay service, upgrade on Calendar app, new setting in the Camera app, and tweaks to the user interface.

A lot of users complained about iPhone 5S TouchID that it doesn't recognize their fingerprint when trying to unlock the phone. They also complained about crashes in iOS7. The latest update iOS 7.1 fix all that and will definitely improve the performance of the phone. It fixes the bug that caused the homescreen to crash. It also improves the accuracy of TouchID recognition performance. 

The update also made a major upgrade on Siri (voice assistant), the user will no longer have to push and hold the home button for a couple of seconds, release, then talk, and then wait for its reply. Now, the user will just press and hold the home button and give the command, and Siri will immediately react. They have also added new voices   for Siri, British English, Australian English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. These are available in both male and female versions.

iTunes Radio has also been updated, by pressing just one button you can now buy albums when the song is currently playing. A search field will also be visible that allows the users to subscribe to iTunes Match through iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The update also adds support for Apple's CarPlay service(Announced in early March). It is
an in-car system that brings selected iPhone apps like maps, GPS routing, Siri, iPhone, iMessage and iTunes to your car's display.

The Calendar app will now have an option of displaying events in "month view." It also added holiday dates, and redesigned the list view.

Apple also modified its camera software for iPhone 5S users. A new setting is added in the Camera application that will automatically enable HDR (High-Dynamic Range). user will no longer have to switch the settings before taking the picture. This is use for environment with high contrast between the subject and the background, like taking a photo of something taht is near a bright light. Upload Burst Photos option has also been added in the iOS Settings.

There were also some updates on the user interface like a "Dark Keyboard" that is found by going to iOS Settings > Accessibility. You can also go to "Increase Contrast" tab where you can have the option to "Darken Colors."

You can now use bold font on keyboard and calculator. Reduce Motion options is now available for Weather, Messages, and multitasking UI animations.

You will also notice that TouchID and Passcode are now on the main menu when you navigate to iOS Settings and Touch ID will now require your passcode if you restart your iPhone.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shortcut for Shutting down your PC

If you are too lazy to go to the usual ordeal of shutting down your PC by going to Start Menu >Shut Down >Ok then you are in luck there is another easier way to shut down your PC. You can create a desktop shortcut that will allow faster to shut down, just double click on the icon.

Here are the steps:
  •     Go to your desktop and Right click on it then select New > Shortcut > OK.
  •     At the "Type the location of the item:" Enter the following line: Shutdown.exe -s -t 00
  •     Click on Next and enter a name for the shortcut .
  •     Click Ok
  •     The shortcut will be created.
  •     From there you can change the icon: Right click on your shortcut and click Properties and then Change Icon.
Wallah! now all you need to do is double click on it and your PC will turn off.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Addiction to Angry Birds

angry, angry birds, angry birds online, birds

angry, angry birds, angry birds online, birds

Have you ever played one of the most addictive, outrageous, and entertaining game at the moment? Right now I'm very addicted Angry Birds! Most of the kids and kids at heart today, including myself are entertained to these cute little birds that want to hit those cruel green pigs. I just don't get it why the author made the pigs green I wonder why hmm? Anyway, did you know how Angry Birds came to be? It is an idea from Rovio, the company that provided the top most downloaded game not only as a mobile application, but also in PCs today.

Rovio formulate an extremely simple idea from a little team, and operated with it. They began developing this game on March 2009 and right now the fanbase playing Angry Birds has hit more than a combined 100 million hours every day. Rovio hit the jackpot here, they were only looking for a simple and easy game that can be played on touch screen mobile phones that will also be accessible with other gaming platforms.

The game is very easy to learn and pick up but it become more challenging as you go further. A lot of people who are playing this game end up very frustrated if they got stuck in a difficult level. If you can score three stars for every level, you are very good since it is very hard to do, as well as finding all the golden eggs. You need to strike the buildings appropriately and also strike those evil green pigs!

The angry birds characters have different arsenal in the game. At the start of the game you will have a Red Angry Bird, and as you advance through the game, additional kinds of angry birds become available. The Blue bird has the ability to separate into three birds, while the Black bird explodes in midair. The Yellow bird can speed up and the White bird can drop egg that explodes. The same goes with those green pigs, since they also vary from various sizes. Some also wear helmets and crowns.

Enjoy the GAME!